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Switzerland & India Art Fusion

The Swiss musicians duo ‘Dust of Soul’ initiated in early 2018 a Swiss-Indian project – a fusion of the music and dance with the message of “Humanity First”. The artists intend to connect the cultures and create something new with great artists.

Muscat, the 28th November 2018: Dust of Soul-Singer Dusty and Pianist MiKey present for the first time a pre-release of their new song and video project “Flow” to an invited audience in Oman. The project is especially dedicated to children in India to give them courage and strength to follow their own paths and dreams. Ms Girija Baqer Menon inspired the duo with this new song “Flow” as a flower that grows in all its colors.

Single Edition "Dust of Soul In Colors" Flow – A Swiss-Indian fusion of music and dance
Single Edition “Dust of Soul In Colors” – Flow

In a private hall in Muscat, Dust of Soul introduced the video and song along with a dance show featuring dancers of Ms Girija Baqer Menon’s arts institute ‘White Roses Instiute of Music & Art”.

The official album release featuring the single edition song “Flow” will be release early 2019 in Switzerland. Currently the Swiss musicians duo works on the production of more than half a dozen new songs. Soon they will reveal everything behind their “Dust of Soul In colors” titled new style.

Oman Observer’s Swiss-Oman story of ‘Humanity First’

Oman Observer’s story on Humanity First

Swiss music and Omani poetry – under the message of ‘Humanity First’ two Swiss musicians of the duo ‘Dust of Soul’ and a Omani poet came together to celebrate the arts and build a bridge between the two not so different countries – Switzerland and Oman.

The Oman daily newspaper ‘Oman Observer’ announced the cultural exchange evening of a unique music and poetry fusion of Swiss musicians duo ‘Dust of Soul’ and Omani multilingual poet Lubna Al Balushi. Hosted in ‘John Barry Hall’ at Grand Hyatt Muscat, the evening was a success.

Humanity First Grand Hyatt Muscat Hotel Dust of Soul
‘Humanity First’ (Original Poster in English)

Humanity First Grand Hyatt Muscat Hotel Dust of Soul
‘Humanity First’ (Original Poster in Arabic)

Lakshmi Kothaneth, reporter from ‘Oman Observer’, interviewed both Saskia Stäuble, Singer from ‘Dust of Soul’, and Michael Odermatt, Pianist from ‘Dust of Soul’, as well as Lubna Al Balushi and wrote about the whole story.

Read the full article online: