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Welcome to Humanity First

The objective of ‘Humanity First’ is to bring together humanity through the arts and build a bridge between uniting nations and cultures around the world

Founded by Dust of Soul

Humanity & Love First

The Dust of Soul Association “Humanity First” has been official initiated by the musicians duo Dust of Soul from Switzerland. The artists work together with musicians & artists all over the world to set a sign for the humanity. This is how various cultural events with a focus on music are created to build bridges between nations. Music is neutral and has the power to connect people in their hearts, creating a peaceful atmosphere, establishing friendships that last for eternity and inspire them to interact with each other.

Co-Founded by Saskia Stäuble

Saskia Stäuble is Co-Founder of the Association “Humanity First”. The idea came to her when she was working on her career as a Singer-Songwriter of the Swiss ‘Opera Pop’ duo Dust of Soul. She wishes to achieve more and initiate projects around the world inspired by the power of her music. Together with Co-Founder Michael Odermatt, she has just started to let her flow of inspiration bring her to new shores.

What We Do

We support Dust of Soul arts projects around the world. Our core values are music and we are inspired to see people from different nations, religions, and backgrounds coming together to do a project. We as a humanity speak through music, as languages are different forms of music. Pure music, however, is the original language of humanity. It tells about our desires, wishes from our heart, our deepest dreams, and our love for each other and the world we live in.

This is why we do projects around the world and create something new and unique together. A litte piece of humanity that we share to inspire the world and make a difference.


Arts project tell stories and have the power to make a difference. Dust of Soul produce music videos and songs with talented artists.


Since 2017, Dust of Soul has come out with the message Humanity First. We draw attention to important locations and events.


Our events have a strong message and their focus is always to grow together. Dust of Soul collaborate live on stage with local talents.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to bring together humanity through the arts and build a bridge between uniting nations and cultures around the world. 

Become a Sponsor. Donate.

We use our fundings to support arts projects. You can support us directly by donating or becoming a sponsor. Please contact us if you wish to contribute. Thank you very much for your help.

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Coffee With Saskia – Kaffeesatz lesen 2021 (mit/with: Cemil Baysal)

Kaffee-Satz lesen für 2021: Heute beim Coffee with Saskia wird es mystisch spannend. Cemil Baysal, Gründer des Nazar Kulturmagazin, verrät mir wie sich Träume erfüllen … Reading coffee grounds for 2021: Today at Coffee with Saskia it will be mystically exciting. Cemil...

Coffee With Saskia – The Man Who Was A Dog In Past Life (with: Roberto Carrasco)

Coffee With Saskia with Roberto Carrasco - The Man Who Was a Dog (in another life). A man who has a spiritual streak and is also fond of animals. How magical is that? Let yourself be inspired by Roberto's hot cocoa and my cheeky mouth....

Coffee With Saskia – Mama Africa (mit / with: Claudia Masika)

Claudia ist Sängerin, Desingerin, Malerin und gestalltet sexy Skulpturen aus Plastik. Sie hat einen ganz eigenen Lebenstil entwickelt. Aber WARUM eigentlich...? Hier findest du heraus, was es bedeutet sich selber zu LIEBEN. Deine Zeit geht vorbei, so oder so... Es...

Coffee With Saskia – Female Sexuality (with: Nicole Raess)

Humanity starts with yourself. Always. How are your friends and people who are dear to you? With the natural 'Coffee with Saskia' we always meet with a friend somewhere else. Nicole Raess and I have known each other for a few years. And whether at the Dust of Soul...

Oman Observer’s Swiss-Oman story of ‘Humanity First’

Oman Observer's story on Humanity First Swiss music and Omani poetry - under the message of 'Humanity First' two Swiss musicians of the duo 'Dust of Soul' and a Omani poet came together to celebrate the arts and build a bridge between the two not so different...

Coffee With Saskia – Der Kaffee-Flüsterer / The coffee whisperer (mit / with: Marcel Wagner)

Künster zu sein bedeutet mehr als nur einfach eine Kunstschule zu besuchen um dann sich einzureihen... Vielmehr ist es der höchste Ausdruck deiner Seele. Dies ist unbezahlbar. Being an artist means more than just going to an art school and then joining in... Rather,...

Switzerland & India Art Fusion

The Swiss musicians duo 'Dust of Soul' initiated in early 2018 a Swiss-Indian project – a fusion of the music and dance with the message of "Humanity First". The artists intend to connect the cultures and create something new with great artists. Muscat, the 28th...

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