Coffee With Saskia – The Man Who Was A Dog In Past Life (with: Roberto Carrasco)

A man who has a spiritual streak and is also fond of animals. How magical is that? Let yourself be inspired by Roberto’s hot cocoa and my cheeky mouth.

Oman Observer’s Swiss-Oman story of ‘Humanity First’

Oman Observer's story on Humanity First Swiss music and Omani poetry - under the message of 'Humanity First' two Swiss musicians of the duo 'Dust of Soul' and a Omani poet came together to celebrate the arts and build a bridge between the two not so different...

Coffee With Saskia – Excitement in the neighborhood (with: Hildegard Persyn)

Zusammen mit der Power Frau Hildegard, die schon mal die ganze Nachbarschaft in Aufruhr bringen kann…

Coffee With Saskia – Reading coffee grounds for 2021 (with: Cemil Baysal)

Read coffee phrase for 2021: Today at Coffee with Saskia it will be mystically exciting. Cemil Baysal, founder of Nazar Kulturmagazin, tells me how dreams come true …

Coffee With Saskia – Life After Death (with: Orchidea)

Welcome to Coffee with Saskia - with actress and model Orchidea. She was already in a commercial for Denner and almost the face of Nespresso. A magical meeting that goes beyond death ... Coffee With Saskia – Life After Death (with:...

Coffee With Saskia – Mama Africa (with: Claudia Masika)

Coffee With Saskia – Mama Afroca (mit / with: Claudia Masika)

Switzerland & India Art Fusion

The Swiss musicians duo 'Dust of Soul' initiated in early 2018 a Swiss-Indian project – a fusion of the music and dance with the message of "Humanity First". The artists intend to connect the cultures and create something new with great artists. Muscat, the 28th...

Coffee With Saskia – Female Sexuality (with: Nicole Raess)

Humanity starts with yourself. Always. How are your friends and people who are dear to you? With the natural ‘Coffee with Saskia’ we always meet with a friend somewhere else.

Coffee With Saskia – The coffee whisperer (with: Marcel Wagner)

Being an artist means more than just going to an art school and then joining in… Rather, it is the highest expression of your soul. This is priceless.